The company

Why choose Officine GM

Officine GM places its expertise at the service of professionals in the ice cream industry.
The company offers ice-cream parlours and restaurants a complete service that ranges from the design and development of the restaurant or ice cream parlour, to the supply of products and equipment for the sale of the finished product.
Our wholesale business includes semi-finished products, cones, cups and anything else you may require to make delicious artisanal ice-cream. All our products are Made In Italy products of the highest quality.
All this starts with the dream of two young people who wanted to start a new business, with the idea of combining food and design, and supplying integrated solutions to a wide range of customers.
The mission is to meet the needs of professionals, while at the same time assisting those to intend to start a new business with planning expertise and logistics support.

Officine GM was founded by

Two young people with very different backgrounds and interests; Lorenzo has years of experience in the wholesale ice cream industry and is experienced in the sale of raw materials for making and selling ice-creams, while Chiara graduated as an interior designer at the Ancona Design Experimental Centre, and then in 2008 started working as a freelance professional with a number of associate architects in the area.
In 2012 they merged their interests to create a successful brand on a expanding foreign market, (Uzbekistan) demonstrating their ability to adapt to a completely different socio-geographic reality. Also proving that ice cream speaks a universal language that opens new investment opportunities on many developing markets.

Who does Officine GM serve

We serve the best ice cream parlours along the coastal area of the Ancona and Pesaro province (Italy), including: “Il gelato di Rosita” in Montemarciano and Senigallia, “Chocoice” in Senigallia, “Caffè del corso” in Sirolo, the Gallone Ice-Cream Parlour in Porto Recanati and finally the “Dolce Italia” Ice Cream Parlours in Uzbekistan.

Officine GM’s mission

Your partner for italian ice cream shop

Officine GM places its expertise at the service of professionals of ice cream industry and those who wish to start a new business.
Our company offers helps those who own an ice cream parlour to expand or restyle their parlour, and follows each stage of the project, from planning to development and product supplies for new business owners.
We have chosen the term “Officine” (workshop) because we have: a wholesale business that supplies all the products required to make fine quality artisanal ice cream such as semi-finished products, cones, cups etc. … and a design office that develops your concept and follows the development and construction of the ice cream parlour.
All our products are Made in Italy, from the furnishings to the semi-finished ice cream products. This is especially important for those who intend to open a business abroad, where the hallmark of Italian excellence must be immediately recognisable and this is exactly what Officine GM guarantees.