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Some articles and magazines say about us … Here are a few example:

Recently I discovered a wonderful Italian coffee, Dolce Italy in Tashkent. Certainly many other wonderful places, but unfortunately the service and the quality leaves much to be desired.

In May 2013, Caffé Dolce Italy began its work, have focused exclusively on the production and sale of ice cream, and the second store was opened here after a year and a half, passing in front of this place is impossible not to stop and not take a cup of coffee.

In the article will tell you why it attracted me so much and why I am happy to attend the premises.

A small cozy bar, serving delicious coffee and desserts that will not leave you indifferent.
When I arrived at the cafe Dolce Italy, I realized that this is the true Italian atmosphere in the East.

The first thing, the showcase, in this case a small showcase with chocolate products; the appearance of the coffee shop is very cute and nice, the girls who work inside are happy to assist with the selection and the offer of a cup of tea or a good Italian coffee.

Meanwhile, the interior details that create a cozy atmosphere and Italian; Even a small towel will turn heads.

In a small room there is a display case with chocolate products. This is only a small part of what is available, all the chocolate is prepared here according to ancient Italian technology with ingredients brought exclusively from Italy.

The interiors were created by a young Italian designer Chiara Moretti, (company workshops GM) came specially from ‘Italy to cure every detail, the project has proved energetic, cheerful and kind at the same time and with all the comforts; In truth, he put his soul and a piece of Italy.

All the furniture is imported from Italy, tools, and a professional coffee machine, from there the coffee supply was purchased.

I ordered a coffee and decided to talk to the girl, who was working that day who told me:

“The professional coffee maker, dishes and varieties of coffee for a courtesy of an Italian firm Saccaria, this is a miracle machine for us.” Since the room is relatively small, all the details are very well thought out and original. Here, for example on board, it is reserved a place for the coffee cups. Unusual, would not you agree? I could not try the coffee, a divine drink, smooth taste, without bitterness, with a sweet aftertaste; Well, again, I want to draw your attention to the cups logo … all in the same style. You know, for a man, who was born in the East, having not the European way of life enjoyed the place, about his roots, which does not forget to Nicodemus. One of the store’s walls are decorated with small paintings in a traditional style, (tissues in Uzbek style) that perfectly match with the Italian interior, to draw East and its origins.

Another treat is the homemade chocolate made by Italian technology. The range of chocolate products is very wide: there are chocolate medallions with zodiac sign; Chocolate cups and saucers; shaped candy hearts, chocolate spoons and more, you can buy a product from a single piece, to an unlimited number. In summer, this coffee shop will sell ice cream, but the delicious coffee will always be at your service.

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Another article that talks about us …

At the end of 2015 in Tashkent there is another island of the sun, Italy. The Stuzzico pizza lives up to its name “tempting.” A simple design, discreet and easy, made by Italian designer Chiara Moretti (company Officine GM), who previously worked with institutions in Tashkent.

In the club, we find white brick walls, one of which is decorated with vibrant colors and chandeliers shaped steel pots; you can stay in one of three zones along the perimeter of the pizzeria. The central hall is composed of light wooden tables designed for 4 people, located next to the bakery. Close to it, you can admire the mystery of the authentic cuisine of Italian pizza, made with ingredients of the Italian tradition as: mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar from Modena and of course, spices (one of the most important components in the preparation of pizza).

… Thirty-two types of pizzas, the classic fish and meat dishes, several salads including freshly baked bread and focaccia. The chef has worked in Europe in many Italian pizzerias and now offers in Tashkent the experience of enjoying the real flavor of this pasta for thin pizza. Among other things, there are the desserts: a small yet spacious showcase with desserts, walnut cake, yogurt or a small miniature chocolate.

The Stuzzico Chef hopes soon to see the pasta on the menu. Besides, how you can miss the pasta in a place like this?

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Another important element that distinguishes us is the graphic design: for Dolce Italy we made banner ads, logo and even gift boxes for chocolate. The style and image are critical in the hospitality world and all contact business … “A feast for the eyes”, the old saying why the interior design can not fail to be accompanied by advertising and graphics.

The design extends from the local to the graphics for a complete service to 360 degrees.

Here’s an article that talks about us as graphs:

… “An example of the work of local designers, who support our idea of ​​beauty in the design of forms of advertising, can serve as a billboard for gelatreia” SWEET ITALIAN. “The billboards depict the preservation of the product (ice cream and cake) in the repetition of the procedure. it should be noted that the procedure used in advertising for the composition has an original appearance and it is interesting to read. the beauty of this form of advertising carried out through the use of rhythm, perspectives and colors of objects. When using rhythm and perspectives in the design of the object’s direction of advertising does not lead the viewer’s eye to advertising boards, but takes and takes him to the center of the composition. in this example, a professional designer achieves this effect. diagonal perspective ( first flag) and rhythm in a circle (the second banner) hold the audience a look at the center of the composition. At present, advertising is a specific way of creative self-realization, as part of the construction and the use of images to convey advertising, which encompasses the idea of ​​advertising as an objective and subjective properties of its creator (a particular style , the style of “writing”). In addition, any advertising of a product unintentionally reproduces the specific culture of his time, vision of the world and of intrinsic artistic style.

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