Open ice cream parlor

Ice-Cream Parlours on a turnkey basis

Officine GM offers logistics, furnishing and design solutions, providing turnkey projects for a different operational and economic needs.

Our experience has taught us that the difference between a successful business and one on the brink of bankruptcy are the details, which is why Officine GM insists on products of only the highest quality. These standards are applied right from the design stage, where the end result comes from a careful analysis process.

In order to develop the best possible project, the requests of our customers are fundamental and we take these into account during the planning stage, attempting at all times to combine their needs with functionality and an attractive design.
As regards space related problems and ergonomics, our company works with a carpentry workshop whose expertise ensures unique and customised units to meet even the most demanding requests.

From the realisation of the shop to the professional training

In addition to the planning and designing the business premises, Officine GM offers an additional service to its customers; namely assistance and tutoring by professionals in the laboratory before the ice cream parlour opens.
Our professionals train your staff how to use the machines and ingredients we supply, and offer suggestions and ideas to ensure the success of your ice cream parlour. The tutoring period lasts about 15-20 days and once it is completed you will receive a recipe book to use for all your preparations.

What to consider when thinking about setting up a shop

The location of the restaurant or ice-cream parlour is of fundamental importance for the success of the business, and we recommend that you consider the following locations:

  • Central or semi-central areas
  • High-density residential areas
  • Presence of pedestrian crossways
  • Areas close to business and meeting places
  • Areas close to roads with high traffic density
  • Areas close to parking areas,
  • Areas close to public parks, schools, etc …
  • Areas where the occupation of public spaces is possible in the vicinity of the business, for seating and shaded areas in the summer.

Besides a good location, good advertising is just as important.
Creating a clear and strong image of the product and business are the strong points for the success of any business.

There’s a new project, a new challenge for the Officine GM. Not only ice cream stores but also bakeries and pizza restaurants. Last November, it opened “Stuzzico” to Tashkent. “Stuzzico” is a place which is born as an Italian pizzeria. At a later time, we have decided to realize a small bakery corner. We have always continued with the project and the creation, taking the “MADE IN ITALY” and the home-made brand abroad! We pay such assiduous attention to every single detail. For this reason, we wanted to include a green wall with aromatic plants, in order to remember the Italian pizza tastes and fragrances. Our space is pleasant and warm, where the wood reigns. From the point of view of design, the colours of the Italian flag distinguish the brand, in order to identify the excellence of the product.