Cups, glasses and plastic accessories

We are agents both in Italy and abroad (in Uzbekistan) for a successful manufacturer of plastic products, Alcas S.p.a., with more than 50 years of experience

After years of research and development in the field of innovation and environmental protection, the company has developed new materials and innovative solutions for the ice cream and pastry industries.

The Eco cups

The real novelty has been to propose plastic as a hygienic, sturdy and aesthetically versatile material, which resolves the problems associated to paper, cardboard and aluminium products, obtaining an environmentally friendly material.

Thanks to its great attention to the environment, the company has developed a line of innovative environmentally friendly products that now make it possible to define “plastic” as “eco-friendly” and “Bio” thanks to the use of a biodegradable product derived from maize.


General line 02, Customized, personalized cups generic TYPO TYPO, all of various sizes and colors, and the novelty of 2017 are the cups SCOOP.

The available colors of personalized cups are: blue, green, fuchsia, orange, purple. The capacity are: 60 CC, 80 CC, 100 CC, 130 CC, 170 CC, 200 CC, 250 CC, 300 CC, 400 CC, 500 CC.

The news of 2017 are the cups SCOOP.

Milkshakes, glasses

All glasses are equipped with a transparent cover and the colors available are: orange, red, green, blue, yellow.

The capacity are: 500 CC, 400 CC, 300 CC, 250 CC, 200 CC.


Styrofoam resistance during tooling and portioning ensuring an excellent thermal stability.

The capacity are: 350 CC, 500 CC – 350 GR, 750 CC – 500 GR, 1000 CC – 750 GR, 1500 CC – 1000 GR.


(hotels, restaurants and catering) single portions, finger food.

Novelty cups UAU innovative design, with an unusual medium that changes its basic function necessary to present and enhance with a different point of view each product.

Available both in transparent suited to highlight the best decorations, or in black or white version with shapes and geometries that allow you to create original presentations.

Pastry products

Dessert line, tray line. Available gold, black or white. Elegant, refined and comfortable for portioning.

Scoops, teaspoons, straws

Available in various colors: blue, yellow, green, pink, white and black. Both pallets spoons also available in Bio version.