Semi-finished products

Our bases

Our bases ensure a perfect balance of fats, sugars and proteins, guaranteeing well whipped and emulsified ice-cream,
that is smooth, keeps well in your counter display and is easy to spread.

Our fruit bases

Cold preparation water bases for creamy soft fruit ice cream, that keeps perfectly in the counter display and is easy to spread.

Our pastes

Our pastes are semi-finished products made with traditional recipes and carefully processed raw materials such as hazelnuts, pistacchio and chocolate nuts. Thanks to its creamy texture is served in trays without freezing, because it remains soft and spoonable at-15* too.

There are various flavours of “Perfect” that can be used also alterning pan to a layer of ice cream  or alterning layers of different tastes perfectly to create mouth-watering chocolate creams with flavor combinations and many different color, it is also excellent to variegate or trays cones, or as a filling for frozen desserts.
Other available flavors: MatchaTea, pine nuts, pistachio, rockcrok, tiramisu, nougat, vanilla, cake paradise, eggnog, trifle, cream, paciugotti, cookie, black cherry, wild berries.
The novelty of 2018 is the “Black Hawaii”  is dedicated to the black Hawaiian volcanic shores, wild and unforgettable as its unic gelato flavor.  characteristics: Natural black color thanks to vegetable carbonUnic taste with coconut water and raw cocoa beans, Lactose Free, Gluten Free, With prebiotic fibres, Detox action.


A complete line of mixes to make creamy fruit ice creams simply by adding water.

Flavors available are: ace, apricot, pineapple, watermelon, blood orange, banana, strawberry, berries, lime, limoncello, lemon, mandarin, mango, green apple, melon, peach, pink grapefruit, black currant, green tea.

Rippleice creams

Our ripple pastes are delicious and made from carefully selected raw materials.

Semi-freddo Ice creams

Our line of semifreddo ice creams includes a range of products to make delicious semifreddo ice creams quickly and easily, that may be served as they are or used to make delicious ice cream cakes.

Flavours available are: milk cream, cocoa, coffe, strawberry.


To decorate every creation and enhace any recipe at best, there are Topping with different tastes like: black cherry, coffee, caramel, chocolate, white chocolate, dulce de leche, strawberry, berries, kiwi, hazelnut.

Dried fruit

Various types of grain are available to garnish every taste or semifreddo: hazelnut, meringue, pistachio, biscuits.

In addition to the grains for the decoration of the pies available high quality gelatine, ready for mirror glazing.